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The Ultimate Collection Limited 180gram Vinyl 6LP Box Set

by Evanescence

Release Date: 17 February 2017

Format: Boxed Set Vinyl

Label: UMC


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Evanescence The Ultimate Collection Limited 180gram Vinyl 6LP Box Set

The Ultimate Collection (6-LP Set) is a career-spanning vinyl box set encompassing the Evanescence studio albums, Fallen, The Open Door and Evanescence (with the latter two making their vinyl debut) and for the first time ever, the commercial debut for the previously unreleased demo album Origin. The Lost Whispers album officially culls the band’s legendary bonus tracks and features the studio version of the long sought-after tour intro “Lost Whispers” and the first new Evanescence studio recording in years, “Even In Death (2016)”. The Ultimate Collection (6-LP Box Set) contains five albums pressed on 180-gram vinyl across six LPs: Origin - 1 LP Set Fallen - 1 LP Set The Open Door - 2 LP Set Evanescence - 1 LP Set Lost Whispers – 1 LP Set

Featured Tracks:
LP1 - Origin
My Immortal
Where Will You Go
Field Of Innocence
Even In Death
Away From Me

LP2 - Fallen
Going Under
Bring Me To Life
Everybody's Fool
My Immortal
Taking Over Me
My Last Breath

LP3 - The Open Door
Sweet Sacrifice
Call Me When You're Sober
Weight Of The World
Cloud Nine
Snow White Queen

LP4 - The Open Door
Like You
Lose Control
The Only One
Your Star
All That I'm Living For
Good Enough

LP5 - Evanescence
What You Want
Made Of Stone
The Change
My Heart Is Broken
The Other Side
Erase This
Lost In Paradise
The End Of The Dream
Never Go Back
Swimming Home

LP6 - Lost Whispers
Lost Whispers
Even In Death (2016)
Farther Away
Breathe No More
If You Don't Mind
Together Again
The Last Song I'm Wasting On You
A New Way To Bleed
Say You Will
Secret Door

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SYNTHESIS Limited Vinyl 2LP Set + CD
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