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About What Records

What Records was established in 1981 and rapidly expanded to become one of the UK's major Independent Record Retailers of the 1980's and early 1990's. A large mail order operation existed during the early years but this was curtailed as the retailing business grew and more shops were opened.

What Records is all about good music not just quick selling chart albums like many other retailers but our preference is to sell Indie and Rock. We also specialise in limited editions. Our good prices and good service have enhanced our good reputation and also coined the slogan "In What We Trust"!

Our internet experience began in 1997 through advertising initially on E-bay. Continued expansion saw us handle distribution for Iron Maiden and Catherine Wheel outside the UK. Working closely with the band's management and the UK record companies has allowed us to provide a first class service.

This website is our window on the world and I hope it reflects our philosophy, selling good music at a good price and providing a good service. The music offered is very diverse but our preference for Indie, Rock and Limited Editions is evident. A very important part of our business will be the promotion of new, up and coming bands and these will be found on our new release page.

We have accounts with all the UK major record companies, it is unlikely anything will slip by us, so we are able to order any current UK product you may require. To enquire about products not advertised on our website just email us at with your request. If you have a favourite band or want to receive information about specific releases then you can do that too, by simply emailing

Because a feature of our website will be the promotion of unknown bands which we feel are good and we would expect them to receive critical acclaim if not ultimate "pop star" status, then we would be interested in your opinions, or maybe you know a band or artist that is yet to be discovered. If so, you can tell us about it by emailing

These are just a few of the services on offer. The site will be constantly updated, so its worth frequent visits and watch out for those occasional super offers.

I hope you will enjoy the "What" experience, its not just about shopping, its not just about selling chart bands, its more, much more and I hope you'll agree.