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Just an update on where we are now and what we are attempting to do.

We have now about 8500 lines in stock and continue to use feeds and Xcels from our suppliers which in some cases leave a lot to be desired.  We continue to manually remove items from our site that are deleted or are long term out of stocks.  As you can imagine this is a slow process.  In an effort to improve overall performance we are deleting complete catalogues from certain suppliers and will only be adding those items we have in stock or those items that we are advised are in stock in quantity at the supplier. We are also intending to increase our stock holding to 12000 lines by September.

Obviously due to the closure of pressing plants durring the March through to June in some cases there is a backlog of catalogue to press as the companies prioritise the pressing of new releases over catalogue.  However, long term out of stocks such as Floyd Atom Heart Mother, Damien Rice O, Madonna Immaculate Collection, etc have now come back in and hopefully a lot more o/s titles will be coming in soon.  Warners continue to rebrand their catalogue so there are some noticeable gaps such as Neil Young albums which should be available again once rebranded.

Unfortunately in an attempt to rationalise thier stock alot of product is also being deleted, some even from the day of release.

In terms of sales, after a manic 4 months we are now getting back to some sort of normality which is allowing us time to address outstanding issues in an attempt to make the customer experience better.


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