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What Records Update

Here is todays update...not much as changed.

Warners, I've checked with Warners earlier and checked their website and its still showing all our orders are in the warehouse processing.  Hopefully they will hit the 24th shipping date?

All the other suppliers are filling orders within a reasonable time considering the staffing situation but it is taking longer for orders to come in and the fill isn't particularly good from some distributors.

One problem we have found is that we are receiving a lot of records not in pristine condition but with knocks to the corner, split sleeves or creased.  Looking at their state and the fact that some have other shops stickers on its obvious these are returns.  We do not send these out but send them back which causes a further delays.

I understand that the Royal Mail is taking much longer to deliver parcels and we have 'lost' a few parcels so I am now sending everything out tracked at no extra cost to our customers.

Thanks again for your support and keep healthy.

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