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UPDATE, Prices, Deletions, etc...

With the price increases from the Record Companies being announced for July and the listing of stock with the new prices there has been a mad rush to buy these titles resulting in most going out of stock.  It is impossible for us to bring our stock holding up to date (we list over 40,000 lines) but we will honour any items ordered now at the current price and not the increased price.  Many catalogue items are now showing as deleted too.  This morning I was surprised to find some Stereophonics albums are now deleted along with Bon Jovi to name but two artists which are good sellers for us.

New releases are becoming very limited, with many going out of stock pre-release.  New releases from George Harrison and Metallica (box sets) are very limited with our allocation in single figures and some releases are not even being offered to the Indies at all due to the very low numbers pressed.

Whilst I understand the increase in manufacturing costs and the Brexit effect I get the feeling that the support for vinyl is being to wain at the Companies.

Returning to our stock situation, we currently have well over 12000 lines in stock and we are still managing to fill the majority of orders within 3 to 5 days.  However,  about 10% of all orders have long term out of stocks and with no ETAs coming from the record companies (although I expect a lot to come back in mid July) I would suggest refunding those titles unless you are prepared to wait.  As I have said earlier the increasing out of stock situation at the Record Companies will obviously will effect are capacity to fill orders in the short term.

Thanks as always for your support.

UPDATE....20 weeks waiting list at pressing plants right now!

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