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Update Monday 18th May

We've had some large deliveries in end of last week and expecting more large deliveries tomorrow.  This is allowing us to clear a lot of outstanding orders.  In fact today we ran out of post bags there were so many parcels!

For anyone who has been waiting a while for thier order, we thank you for your paitence and understanding but as the supply chain improves we hope to turn around the orders much quicker.

Warners are finally getting sorted although they are like most companies continually moving release dates but they are getting much better.

All the companies seem to be deleting a lot of vinyl titles and many more including top sellers are out of stock.  Obviously because of the current situation repressing is taking a lot longer.

The smaller distributors are still struggling.  PHD is taking about 10 days to turn orders around.

The Royal Mail is still struggling..

We have had a problem with paypal which should be sorted now but if you're struggling to pay by paypal (it times out) then please use your credit/debit cards which have been problem free.


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