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Latest News/Update

It has been a week of problems with many orders arriving 2 to 3 days late and the final straw was the late arrival of the Paul Weller album which came in today.  We have cleared as many as possible and upgraded the orders to a 24 service.  The whole situation was not helped by a Glitch on the TNT system so I'm told but Friday's orders being delivered Wednesday and Thursday..!!!!

Warners continue to rebrand with their new flash logo depriving us of classic albums from the likes of Neil Young, etc...  Hopefully won't be long before they come back into stock.

Delete seems to be the key word as more and more titles are disappearing from the catalogues with no confirmed restock date.  We will be going through all our current orders this weekend and refunding where we can not get a confirmed delivery/restock date.  

Worth taking a look at our July sale part 2, some great new ones.  Stocks as always are limited.

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