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Its still crazy but...

there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Whilst the last few months have seen major supply chain problems in most business it looks like the Record Companies/Distributors are finally getting on top of the situation.

Today we are receiving over 4000 items out of orders for approximately 4800 units.  Not great but a lot better than what we have been getting.  These items will fill many current orders and also begin the process of restoring our stock holding to pre pandemic levels.  This will result in a much quicker turnaround of orders.  Our target as always been to turn around orders in 2 working days (we don't ship Saturday or Sunday), sadly in over 20% of the orders in the last few months this has not been possible as supply times to us have ranged from the next day to 10 days.  Further complications include damaged in transit, lost boxes and sent in error from our suppliers as they try to come to terms with the increased workload.

The Royal Mail has struggled to deliver a 48 service due to the increased volumes of parcels and international services have been a real mess.  The use of DPD next day service has so far worked well.

Our major problem has been getting titles from the smaller labels and distributors.  Much of the product is unavailable as the small quantities held quickly disappear and it is proving almost impossible to replenish the stock.  It is not only the lesser titles, recent problems include Oasis and Kendrick Lamar.  Top sellers that have been out of stock for some time, as Record Companies try to come to terms with the increased demand for vinyl. 

We have started to remove a lot of titles from our site as they become unavailable/deleted.  Due to the complex nature of our stock holding and the way data is sent to us it is difficult to to do this process automatically so it has to be done manually.  This takes time so can I ask you to bear with us.

With the opening again of Record shops I know many of you will once again be spending time browsing and purchasing your gems from them.  I'd like to thank all our customers old and new for your support durring this crazy time and I wish you all the best.  Keep Healthy Cheers Tim


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