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End of August Update

Wow, its the end of August already and with Christmas in mind we will be starting our Box Set Bonanza this coming week.

We will be listing our box sets and linking from our home page.  Quite a few rarities and some great offers

And talking of box sets, The Beatles Let it be album and CD boxes are LIMITED EDITIONS.  We know our allocation and once they have gone it is most unlikely we will get more.  So these are currently only available to existing customers.

My understanding is that a shortage of raw materials (the vinyl beads) at the pressing plants have reduced the capacity to produce albums in the quantities required and there is still a huge backlog of titles that are awaiting repress.  Pressing time is being booked for September next year!

We will continue to monitor the new release situation and promotions such as National Albums Day but it is likely that we will soon only be supplying existing customers as our allocations get smaller.

Can I also ask that customers add there mobile number to their details.  This is because deliveries by DPD. etc will send you a text to confirm delivery time and the option to change that time if required.

All overseas customers MUST include full contact details or your order can not be sent.

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