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Deliveries, Stock, Refunds, What is happening.

As many of you know due to the temporary closure of most if not all the worlds pressing plants the record companies are really struggling to supply stock.  In many cases even new releases are either being put back or selling out on pre sell with repress date expected in 2021.  

The current situation where many top titles are currently out of stock has meant we have had to try to source them from Europe or the US.  This obviously delays are turnaround time.  Our stocks which were almost 12,000 lines are now in the region of 4,500 although we are expecting a lage European shipment in shortly with around 1600 titles.  The pressing of RSD and NAD titles also reduced the capacity to press catalogue items.

However, it is also noticeable that some companies are taking this opportunity to delete catalogue items as pressure from the US to cease production of physical product continues.

Against this background I have decided that if we can not source an item in a reasonable time we will refund.  I feel this is important with Christmas coming where many purchases are presents.  We chase up all out of stock items on Monday each week but we are currently getting vague answers, eg expected soon, pending repress, etc, which are of little help.

I would add that we are still filling around 90% of all orders despite the supply chain problems but please allow a little longer for shipping.

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