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Just a quick update on deliveries and shipping.

We are now approacing the busiest time of the year and sad to say we are facing problems with deliveries which then affects shipping times.  For example,we used to get a 24 service from Universal now it seems more like a weekly service.  The under pressing of some titles has caused major problems, creating delays and in some cases, new releases are being deleted on release!

Another problem is damaged in transit and again getting replacement stock on some titles has proved a problem.  However, having said that we are still managing to ship over 85% of orders within 2 working days. We do try to source titles from all sources and just today we have received some Blue Vinyl Beatles 7 inches which will clear almost all orders of that vaeriant.  Also managed to get more of the black version which is currently available to order.(whilsts stocks last) and we have more of the 12 Inch Single too....

Since our prices are very competitive or as one of our loyal customers put it...its always Black Friday at What Records, we haven't done anything special yet but..........  Watch out for out Winter Sale of 100's of titles at Great Prices.  Access from the Home Page or CLICK HERE.  

Pleae note whilst we will try to completely fill all orders due to the reduced selling prices some titles will go out of stock and will be refunded if they are deleted.

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