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The Wind Limited Vinyl 2LP Set

by Balmorhea

Release Date: 09 April 2021

Format: LP Double Vinyl

Label: Deutsche Grammophon


Balmorhea The Wind Limited Vinyl 2LP Set


Deutsche Grammophon is pleased to announce the Yellow Label Debut of new signing Balmorhea! After touring in many constellations as an ensemble, for the upcoming album ‚The Wind‘, Lowe and Muller returned to their core as a duo. Working with producer Jonathan Low (Taylor Swift, The National) Balmorhea has delivered an album that tells a wonderful story through innovative composition, stretching across an extraordinarily wide instrumentarium that we have come to know as Balmorhea‘s unique musical language. “Rich textures push it past the point of background music, and its gorgeous melodies serve as anchors for even the sparest moments”— Pitchfork. Slow-burning ambient Americana that manages to captivate while avoiding the histrionics of its post-rock forebears - The New Yorker.…listening will unravel hidden seams of loveliness. – BBC. ...a sound that evokes imagery of brilliant landscapes and quiet pastoral scenes. Their sweeping instrumentals and sporadic yet haunting vocals draw influence from both classical music and experimental acoustic folk. - NPR

Featured Tracks:

Side A:

Day Dawns In Your Right Eye
Rose In Abstract
La Vagabonde

Side B:

The Myth

Side C:

Ne Plus Ultra

Side D:

Vent Pontian
The Crush
Night Falls In Your Left