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The Medicine Show Limited Vinyl LP

by Melissa Etheridge

Release Date: 03 May 2019

Format: LP Vinyl

Label: Spinefarm Records


Melissa Etheridge The Medicine Show Limited Vinyl LP


With 2 Grammy Awards, an Oscar, several platinum & multi-platinum albums, plus a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame to her name, it’s safe to say that Melissa Etheridge is worthy of the term ‘icon’ – especially, as she’s been consistently open, active and bold when it comes to issues pertinent to both lifestyle and the environment.

The Medicine Show deals with universal themes of renewal, reconciliation, reckoning, compassion and, most profoundly, healing. Through the songs she processed the deep fears and hurting she saw in the nation on collective and personal levels; “Shaking” about national anxiety, “Here Comes the Pain,” personalizing the opioid crisis, the unifying “Human Chain” about the hope for healing, and the rocking, anthemic “Love Will Live.”
More highlights include the album-closer, “Last Hello” drawing on the incredible strengths and courage shown by the survivors of the Parkland school shootings, and the infectious “Wild and Lonely,” exploring themes of her past with a new perspective.

Simply, this is an artist where music & message are tightly bound together, and that very much holds true for ‘The Medicine Show’, which comes out all guns blazin’ with its stomping title track. If you’re a fan of Melissa’s earlier releases, then this latest outing – produced by songwriter & guitarist John Shanks, also a touring member of Bon Jovi’s band – will squarely hit the spot, being wall-to-wall with emotive, finely-crafted songs plus a level of energy that shows a respected, influential musician fully fired-up and ready to embark on a new phase in their career.
Just what the doctor ordered.

Featured Tracks:

01. The Medicine Show
02. Wild and Lonely
03. Shaking
04. Woman Like You
05. Faded By Design
06. I Know You
07. This Human Chain
08. Love Will Live
09. Here Comes The Pain
10. Suede
11. Last Hello

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