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Omega Alive Limited Trifold Vinyl 3LP Set

by Epica

Release Date: 03 December 2021

Format: LP Triple Vinyl

Label: Nuclear Blast


Epica Omega Alive Limited Trifold Vinyl 3LP Set


For many years now, the comparative of epic has simply been EPICA. Since their formation in 2002 and their quick ascension to stalwarts of symphonic metal noblesse with trailblazing masterpieces “The Divine Conspiracy” (2007) or “Requiem for the Indifferent” (2012), Dutch metal titans only knew one way: Up. Especially with their last three releases “The Quantum Enigma”, “The Holographic Principle” and this years’ “Ωmega”, forming a metaphysical trilogy that’s both alpha and omega of all things symphonic metal, EPICA became rightful monarchs of a genre they themselves helped made become a global phenomenon.

Yet, as every other band, EPICA couldn’t take their latest installment of breathtaking cinematic grandeur to the seven corners of the world as they would have normally done. You know why. Thus, plans have been made and visions fulfilled to produce a once-in-a-lifetime event that couldn’t be further away from yet another streaming show. What EPICA unleashed upon the world on Saturday, June 12th, 2021, was a monument to their music, their career, and their enduring legacy as forebears of a whole genre. Now finally being released on Blu-ray and DVD and various audio formats, “Ωmega Alive” is the EPICA show of your wildest dreams, brought to life by blood, sweat, tears and a healthy dose of megalomania. Think Marvel meeting Cirque de Soleil in a Tim Burton universe.

Celebrating the release of their gargantuan new opus magnum, „Ωmega“, the streaming event saw fans from over a 100 countries flock to the screens to witness a show that has proven to be the defining moment in EPICA‘s concert history. A show that’s nothing short of the band’s most explosive performance to date, brought to life with an enormous production on an ever-evolving stage setting that’s full of visual surprises. For the first time ever, EPICA performed songs like ‘The Skeleton Key’ or the insanely monumental “Kingdom of Heaven Part 3” from “Ωmega”, alongside the band’s most

Featured Tracks:

Disc 1

Side A:

1.Alpha – Anteludium – Omega Alive/2.Abyss Of Time – Countdown To Singularity – Omega Alive/3.The Skeleton Key – Omega Alive/4.Unchain Utopia – Omega Alive

Side B:

1.The Obsessive Devotion – Omega Alive/2.In All Conscience – Omega Alive/3.Victims Of Contingency – Omega Alive

Disc 2

Side C:

1.Kingdom Of Heaven Pt 1 – A New Age Dawns Part V – Omega Alive

Side D:

1.Kingdom Of Heaven Pt 3 – The Antediluvian Universe – Omega Alive

Disc 3

Side E:

1.Rivers – A Capella – Omega Alive/2.Once Upon A Nightmare – Omega Alive/3.Freedom – The Wolves Within – Omega Alive

Side F:

1.Cry For The Moon – The Embrace That Smothers Part IV – Omega Alive/2.Beyond The Matrix – Omega Alive/3.Omega – Sovereign Of The Sun Spheres – Omega Alive.

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