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Jerk At The End Of The Line Limited Vinyl LP

by Only Real

Release Date: 30 March 2015

Format: LP Vinyl

Label: Virgin EMI


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Only Real Jerk At The End Of The Line Limited Vinyl LP

Featured in 15 MUSIC ACTS TO LOOK OUT FOR IN 2015. The release of the much-anticipated debut LP from Only Real, “The Jerk At the End of the Line”, Recorded over a year and across two continents (in Atlanta with Ben Allen, and Streatham with Dan Carey), “Jerk” finally unveils the gorgeously off-kilter, sun-kissed universe of 22-year old South Londoner Niall Galvin in all its playfully vivid and idiosyncratic glory. Occupying a spaced out, psychedelic dimension of light and dark, “Jerk” is the work of a singular talent with an unlimited and absurd vocabulary. For anyone fortunate enough to be acquainted with Only Real’s oeuvre to date – which includes the acclaimed “Days in the City” EP on Luv Luv Luv and singles such as ”Pass the Pain”. Breezily infectious tracks such as “Backseat Kissers” and “Daisychained” draw on Galvin’s love of both the left field rhymes of The Pharcyde and MF Doom and the hazy melodies of Yo La Tengo and The Cure, to create an aural Venn diagram from where he delivers his distinct rap/ indie hybrid

Featured Tracks:
1. Intro (Twist It Up)
2. Jerk
3. Yesterdays
4. Break It Off
5. Can't Get Happy
6. Blood Carpet
7. Petals
8. Cadillac Girl
9. Daisychained
10. Pass The Pain
11. Backseat Kissers
12. When This Begins