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Injury Reserve Limited Gatefold Vinyl LP

by Injury Reserve

Release Date: 21 June 2019

Format: LP Vinyl

Label: Caroline International


Injury Reserve Self Titled Limited Gatefold Vinyl LP


Arizona rap trio Injury Reserve has announced their debut album Injury Reserve for May 17th via Loma Vista Recordings. The group, consisting of MCs Ritchie With a T, Stepa J. Groggs and producer Parker Corey are the rap game Talking Heads with a Mystery Science Theater-like commentary on art and culture. Through the depths of the internet, they’ve always been ahead of the curve musically and aesthetically amassing a devout fan base whose only grown with the release of the first two singles/videos for “Jawbreaker” ft. Rico Nasty and Proteens and “Jailbreak The Tesla” ft. Amine. “Jawbreaker” stirred up needed conversation calling out some of fashion’s problematic figureheads. Pitchfork pointed out that “Injury Reserve’s creativity is on display in both the song and video and the collective continuing to push the culture’s hand on an increasingly bold Ian Connor and its blatant disregard of abusers, is an added bonus.” The weekend after “Jailbreak The Tesla” dropped, someone literally hacked a Tesla Model 3.

Injury Reserve is the group’s self titled debut album. Their work is focused on bridging the gap between experimental and accessible. Recorded in Flagstaff, Arizona, Prague and Los Angeles, CA. Features include – Aminé and Rico Nasty. Album artwork was inspired by Austrian artist, Hartmut Skerbisch. It represents the core aesthetic of the band, Reverence vs. Futurism.

Featured Tracks: