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Hollywood Park Limited Vinyl 2LP Set

by The Airborne Toxic Event

Release Date: 22 May 2020

Format: LP Double Vinyl



The Airborne Toxic Event Hollywood Park Limited Vinyl 2LP Set


In conjunction with Jollett’s memoir, The Airborne Toxic Event has completed an album by the same name, a twelve song concept record which draws from scenes and themes in the book. Incorporating real audio from his family, gospel singers, and orchestral flourishes from violins to timpani to horns, the record is Jollett’s attempt to capture the high hopes of his parents, the dash dreams and difficult times which followed, the confusion of an adult life spent nursing the wounds of childhood, and the ultimate redemption which came from looking inward and finding an acceptance of self and love of family. The record was produced by Mark Needham (The Killers, Fleetwood Mac) at east/west Studios in Hollywood.

Featured Tracks:

1. Hollywood Park (6:32)
2. Brother, How Was The War (4:51)
3. Carry Me (4:13)
4. Come On Out (4:38)
5. I Don’t Want to Be Here Anymore (4:34)
6. All The Children (4:59)
7. Lonely Too (3:50)
8. All These Engagements (4:40)
9. The Place We Meet (3:00)
10. The Common Touch (5:35)
11. The Place We Meet (REPRISE) (2:21)
12. True (4:36)