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Dream On Limited Sun Yellow Vinyl LP

by Alice Boman

Release Date: 17 January 2020

Format: LP Vinyl

Label: Play It Again Sam


Alice Boman Dream On Limited Sun Yellow Vinyl LP


The profound sense of quietness that can be heard in Alice boman's music stems from its simple roots. Initially a project that started at home when she was a teenager, the songs she was making were just "sketches." yet As soon as other people heard them, it was clear that there was so much more to her talents than simple home tinkering. Despite her debut album feeling fuller and richer, as well as being her most accomplished work to date, boman's intimacy remains intact. "I didn't want to lose the nerve of intimacy," she says. "That's an important thing for me." The songwriting for the album initially began in a similarly isolated and autonomous way. "I took instruments and recording equipment to a house in the countryside of Sweden for a few weeks to get away from everything," Boman says. "To Just focus on writing and playing. No distractions. Sometimes you need that distance to get into a flow.".

Featured Tracks:

Wish We Had More Time
Heart On Fire
The More I Cry
Who Knows
Don't Forget About Me
Everybody Hurts
Hold On
It's OK, It's Alright
This Is Where It Ends

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