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Antidepressant Limited Vinyl LP + 7"


Release Date: 19 March 2021

Format: LP Vinyl

Label: earMUSIC


Lloyd Cole Antidepressant Limited Vinyl LP + 7"


"“Antidepressant”, originally released in 2006, is Lloyd Cole’s follow-up album to the critically acclaimed “Music In A Foreign Language”. It is a vivid album, recorded entirely by Cole himself, yet sounding like the production of a full band – a drastic change from the stripped-down sound of “Music In A Foreign Language”. Above all reigns Cole’s characteristic voice with his distinguished lyricism, ranging from the heartfelt to the sarcastic, which established him as one of the most articulate songwriters of the post-punk era. From the upbeat Bluesrock of the title track to the Country-esque “Travelling Light”, Antidepressant is a confident album with an impressive range.
It is finally available on vinyl for the first time ever via earMUSIC, including a bonus 7” Single featuring ‘Coattails’, a song recorded during the original album sessions which never made it onto the tracklist. Truly a collector’s item that no fan of the British pop-poet would want to miss."

Featured Tracks:

1 The Young Idealists
2 Woman In A Bar
3 NYC Sunshine
4 Antidepressant
5 I Didn’t See It Coming
6 How Wrong Can You Be?
7 Everysong
8 I Am Not Willing
9 Slip Away
10 Traveling Light
11 Rolodex Incident

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