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Yesterday Today 2005 2013 Limited Coloured Vinyl 4LP Box Set

by Ocean Colour Scene

Release Date: 18 August 2023

Format: Box Set Vinyl

Label: Demon Records


Ocean Colour Scene Yesterday Today 2005 – 2013 Limited Coloured Vinyl 4LP Box Set


All beginnings start with a name. And so, in October 1989, Simon Fowler, Steve Cradock, Damon Minchella and Oscar Harrison sat down together, chose their three favourite words, arranged them in a satisfactory order and became Ocean Colour Scene. Thirty-five years on, and Ocean Colour Scene are still together: making music and regularly selling out huge concert halls across the country. They have the support of an extraordinarily dedicated and loyal fan base who cherish their music and hold close to their hearts a lifetime of memories supporting the group.

Demon Music’s continues the ongoing celebration of one of Britain’s finest bands with boxset no.3 which focuses on a period from the bands illustrious career and pulls together their studio albums in one concise vinyl box. This period - 2005 to 2013 - includes four magnificent studios albums A Hyperactive Workout For The Flying Squad (2005), On The Leyline(2007), Saturday (2010) and Painting (2013).

A Hyperactive Workout For The Flying Squad produced by Dave Eringa, includes popular singles “Free My Name” & “This Day Should Last Forever” as well as a cover version of George Harrison’s "Wah Wah“ and "Waving Not Drowning" featuring Paul Weller on guitar, and Jools Holland on piano and Hammond organ. On The Leyline sees OCS breaking free of their comfort zone at every turn. If first single 'I Told You So' is a jangle-pop classic in the spirit of “You Got It Bad”, “On the Leyline” boasts an experimental side too. The caustic “Mr Brown” ("You promised us the earth/So you could let us down") set to a jaunty calypso, whilst the sublime “These Days” sees Steve supply lead vocals on a psychedelic excursion reminiscent of Buffalo Springfield's “Everyday”. OCS ninth studio album Saturday continues this psychedelic exploration featuring singles “Saturday” and “Magic Carpet Days”, produced by Gavin Monaghan (The Editors & The Twang). Finishing off this set is the tenth studio album Painting; an album that is a representation of all that is great about British rock; anthems, heartfelt ballads and weird, left-of-middle psychedelic wig-outs. Quite simply, Painting is another great record from one of Britain finest bands.

Put together in full coordination with the band, all of these albums have been remastered by Phil Kinrade at Alchemy Mastering and now pressed on 140g colour vinyl.

Featured Tracks:

LP1: A Hyperactive Workout For The Flying Squad (2005)

A1. Everything ComesAt The Right Time
A2. Free My Name
A3. Wah Wah
A4. Drive Away
A5. I Love You
A6. This Day Should Last Forever

B1. Move Things Over
B2. Waving Not Drowning
B3. God’s World
B4. Another Time To Stay
B5. Have You Got The Right
B6. Start Of The Day
B7. My Time

LP2: On The Leyline (2007)

A1. I Told You So
A2. On The Leyline, Waiting
A3. For Dancers Only
A4. Man In The Middle
A5. I Just Got Over You
A6. These Days I’m Tired

B1. Go To Sea
B2. You’ll Never Find Me
B3. Don’t Get Me
B4. Loneliest Girl In The
Whole Wide World
B5. Mr Brown
B6. Two Lovers
B7. Daylight

LP3: Saturday (2010)

A1. 100 Floors Of Perception
A2. Mrs Maylie
A3. Saturday
A4. Just A Little Bit Of Love
A5. Old Pair Of Jeans
A6. Sing Children Sing
A7. Harry Kidnap

B1. Magic Carpet Days
B2. The Word
B3. Village Life
B4. Postal
B5. What’s Mine Is Yours
B6. Fell In Love On The Street Again
B7. Rockfield

LP4: Painting (2013)

A1. We Don’t Look In The Mirror
A2. Painting
A3. Goodbye Old Town
A4. Doodle Book
A5. If God Made Everyone
A6. Weekend
A7. Professor Perplexity

B1. George’s Tower
B2. I Don’t Want To Leave England
B3. The Winning Side
B4. Mistaken Identity
B5. The Union
B6. The New Torch Song
B7. Here Comes The Dawning Day

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