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Worrisome Heart Limited Pink Vinyl LP

by Melody Gardot

Release Date: 17 November 2023

Format: LP Vinyl

Label: Universal


Melody Gardot Worrisome Heart Limited Pink Vinyl LP


Decca is proud to release a new reissue of Melody Gardot’s debut album, on beautiful new pink colourway LP and CD. Released when she was just 22, Worrisome Heart announced the singer-songwriter as the next, and brightest, jazz star of the 21st Century. Drenched in a sublime vapour of mellow blues, eclectic folk and jazz, Worrisome Heart is a ten-track collection showcasing a superb narrative, nuanced phrasing, skillfully constructed arrangements and above all Melody’s hauntingly beautiful voice.

Featured Tracks:

1 Worrisome Heart
2 All That I Need Is Love
3 Gone
4 Sweet Memory
5 Some Lessons
6 Quiet Fire
7 One Day
8 Love Me Like a River Does
9 Goodnite
10 Twilight

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