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Wild Moon Limited Vinyl LP

by J.D. Wilkes & The Dirt Daubers

Release Date: 10 March 2014

Format: LP Vinyl

Label: Plowboy Records


J.D. Wilkes & The Dirt Daubers Wild Moon Limited Vinyl LP

2013 release, the third album from J.D. Wilkes and The Dirt Daubers. Produced by Cheetah Chrome, 'Wild Moon' finds The Dirt Daubers - previously an old-timey, acoustic group - plugged in and wailing away on raw, blissfully distorted Rock 'n' Roll and Blues.

The Dirt Daubers were formed by Legendary Shack Shakers front man, artist, director and country punk pioneer J.D. Wilkes in 2009 with his wife Jessica. Wilkes' "gothic preacher" persona and frantic blues harmonica whips 'Wild Moon' into a frenzy, trading lead vocal duties with his feminine foil. J.D. and Jessica are joined by electric guitarist Rod Hamdallah and drummer Preston Corn.

Smoky baritone sax grooves are provided by Tom Waits' sideman Ralph Carney, with piano played by Wilkes himself. Says J.D., "The band might have come "down from the mountain" (only to land square in the Mississippi Delta!) but the heart and soul of the Dirt Daubers remain intact."

Advertising in Maverick and Classic Rock Blues with Classic Rock Blues to feature "Hidey Hole" on a cover mount CD. Features confirmed in Classic Rock Blues, R2, Country Music People and Maverick and a review confirmed in Classic Rock Blues.

"It's the sort of album you'd hear at a roadhouse in the middle of nowhere, with punky country tunes that cater to the rough-and-tumble biker crowd and creepy, haunting ballads aimed at the people who've been drowning sorrows at the bar." - Andrew Leahey, American Songwriter.

Featured Tracks:
French Harp Hustle
Apples And Oranges
Wild Moon
No Rest For The Wicked
No More My Love
Angel Crown
Let It Fly
You Know I Love You
Hidey Hole
Don't Thrill Me No More
River Song
God Fearing People