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Whistle Rymes Limited Gatefold Translucent Red Vinyl LP

by John Entwistle

Release Date: 10 May 2024

Format: LP Vinyl

Label: Demon Records


John Entwistle Whistle Rymes Limited Gatefold Translucent Red Vinyl LP


As The Who navigated their incendiary path through the sixties, John Entwistle (nick-named The Ox) showed that he was a talented songwriter as well as being a formidable musician. Whilst no doubt thrilled to be the bass guitarist of such a successful band, Entwistle had voiced his discontent to others within the greater Who family about the lack of outlets for his songs, and this perhaps informed the decision for their label, Track Records, to sanction a recording budget for a solo album. Entwistle had been writing songs and making demos of them at home, and was amassing a stockpile of material.

Entwistle’s second solo album, released in May 1972, features Peter Frampton and Jimmy McCulloch (of Thunderclap Newman, later of Wings) on lead guitars, and the single “I Wonder”.

Pressed on 140 gram translucent red vinyl, and housed in the original gatefold sleeve design (with the nighttime and daytime paintings of the same setting), this is its first time on vinyl since 1973.

Featured Tracks:


1. Ten Little Friends

2. Apron Strings

3. I Feel Better

4. Thinkin' It Over

5. Who Cares?


1. I Wonder

2. I Was Just Being Friendly

3. The Window Shopper

4. I Found Out

5. Nightmare

(Please Wake Me Up)

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