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When You Cut Into the Present Limited 180gram Vinyl LP

by Moster!

Release Date: 24 February 2023

Format: LP Vinyl

Label: HUBRO


Moster! When You Cut Into the Present Limited 180gram Vinyl LP

Limited edition (500 copies pressed) 180g LP in with a gatefold cover, includes a CD of the album. On their third album release in as many years, Kjetil Møster's band Møster! we encounter a band that is, if possible, even closer, more unified and better synchronised than on the previous two albums. This album was recorded during a break in an extensive tour on a shared bill with the Norwegian-American band Young Mothers. The energy level in the studio was so intense that you can expect your loudspeakers to start sweating. Prog rock, psychedelia and John Coltrane's jazz are obviously still sources of inspiration for the band, but this time they share the honours with everyone from King Crimson in their Red period to Alice Coltrane and the krautrock masters of Can. Their music has also incorporated references from the originators of the Nordic jazz sound of the 1960s and 70s. From the very beginning of the album the musicians hit the floor running, propelling themselves towards ecstasy with constant sonic excesses and grooving with marathon-like stamina. The result is a catchy, addictive and consistently creative eruption of an album that will get the pulses of many music lovers racing, and will glue grins to their faces. Saxophonist Kjetil Møster plays in a number of jazz and improvisational bands, but also performs regularly with Röyksopp & Robyn, Datarock, King Midas and Lars Vaular. He has also released an album with the Hungarian trio Jü, and has launched a concert collaboration with the Chicago musicians Jeff Parker and John Herndon (Tortoise) and Joshua Abrahams (Town & Country). In addition to Kjetil Møster himself, the band consists of the same musicians as on the previous album: the legendary Hans Magnus "Snah" Ryan, guitarist/vocalist in Motorpsycho; Nikolai Hængsle Eilertsen, bass player in Elephan9 and BigBang; and the ubiquitous drummer Kenneth Kapstad, also from Motorpsycho and Monolithic.

Featured Tracks:
Nebula and Red Giant / Bandha / The Future Leaks Out / Journey / Soundhouse Rumble