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We All Have Demons + My Devil in Your Eyes + Know Hope Ltd 3LP Set

by The Color Morale

Release Date: 08 April 2016

Format: LP Triple Vinyl

Label: Rise Records


The Color Morale We All Have Demons + My Devil in Your Eyes + Know Hope Limited Trifold Coloured Vinyl 3LP Set

Exclusive limited 3LP tri-fold sleeve set – available for first time on vinyl
LP1 – Half clear / half red with green splatter | LP2 – half clear / half brown with orange splatter
LP3 – half clear / half grey with purple splatter vinyl
350 limited copies worldwide

As a special gift for all retail accounts both large and small, Rise Records is presenting a special “Head Start To Record Store Day” promotion. Rise has handpicked 7 titles from its diverse catalogue to be pressed on vinyl for this campaign. Some of these titles have never been pressed on vinyl before, others are box sets available for the first time, and the rest are albums that haven’t been pressed in a long time. Quantities are limited and each vinyl pressing in an exclusive colour and unique packaging.

Featured Tracks:
LP 1 – We All Have Demons
1. The Sage of Washington Oaks
2. Close Your Eyes and Look Away
3. When One Was Desolate
4. Humannequin
5. Resource: Recourse
6. A Sponge in the Ocean
7. Hopes Anchor
8. Manumission
9. The Man Behind the Hands
10. I, The Jury

LP 2 – My Devil In Your Eyes
1. Nerve Endings
2. Human(s)being
3. The Dying Hymn
4. Be Longing Always
5. Walkers
6. Demon Teeth
7. Falling Awake
8. Quote on Quote
9. This Lost Song Is Yours
10. Fill;Avoid

LP 3 – Know Hope
1. Burn Victims
2. Smoke and Mirrors
3. Learned Behavior
4. Living Breathing Something
5. Strange Comfort
6. In Light In Me
7. Silver Lining
8. Steadfast
9. Hole Hearted
10. Saviorself
11. Have.Will
12. Never Enders

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