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Violent Allies Limited Clear 180gram Vinyl LP

by 10 Years

Release Date: 18 September 2020

Format: LP Vinyl

Label: Mascot Records


10 Years Violent Allies Limited Clear 180gram Vinyl LP


Growth is a process that never stops. Rather, it ramps up as time passes. 10 Years accelerate this cycle on their ninth full-length album, ‘Violent Allies’, set for release on September 18th via Mascot Records. A clean riff snakes past the verses of "Without You" before a hypnotic hook unfurls. The instrumental "Planets" interludes thread the album together with soft piano and acoustic as a counterpoint to the explosive energy of "Cut The Cord" and "Start Again." There is a broad, dynamic range of repertoire on the album as exhibited by the lead single "The Unknown" and its opening with ominous yet hopeful piano notes alongside Jesse's lamenting uncertain times in the vocals, to the heavy drums and distorted guitars on "Déjà vu." Everything culminates on "Say Goodbye."

The conclusion's cinematic soundscape and poignant lyrics bid farewell to singer Jesse's late grandfather and emphasize "the band at their most vulnerable." In 2019 the gold-certified Knoxville, TN alternative hard rock trio spent five weeks with GRAMMY® Award-winning producer Howard Benson (My Chemical Romance, Halestorm, Papa Roach, Three Days Grace), and what resulted was an album that shows the band’s progress as a unit as they embrace heightened vulnerability, elevated song craft, and sonic adventurousness. For nearly two decades, 10 Years have quietly pushed themselves and modern rock towards evolution.

Building a formidable catalog, the group’s gold-selling 2005 breakthrough The Autumn Effect yielded the hit “Wasteland,” followed by top 30 albums Division [2008], Feeding the Wolves [2010], and Minus the Machine [2012]. Most recently, 2017’s (How to Live) As Ghosts marked a reunion between members Jesse Hasek, Brian Vodinh and Matt Wantland. The album, their first for Mascot Records, landed in the Top 5 of the US Top Hard Rock Albums Chart. and yielded the hit "Novacaine".

Featured Tracks:

Side: 1

1. The Shift
2. The Unknown
3. Waiting
4. Deja Vu
5. Without You
6. Cut The Cord

Side: 2

1. Planets III
2. Sleep In The Fire
3. I Wish
4. Start Again
5. Planets IV
6. Say Goodbye

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