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Unworthy Limited Vinyl LP

by Languish

Release Date: 26 October 2018

Format: LP Vinyl

Label: Prosthetic Records


Languish Unworthy Limited Vinyl LP


Zack Hansen (drums) and Matt Mutterperl (guitar) of longtime sludge band North started in 2014, desiring an output for faster, filthier, and more fucked up music. Writing between North tours, Hansen and Mutterperl quickly poured out noise filled overtones, blistering blast beats and death metal riffs in the form of 10 songs comprising their first album, Extinction. In need of a front man to bring a voice to the group, they approached long time friend Sean Mears (vocals), bassist of Arizona death metal group <b>Gatecreeper</b> and hardcore band <b>Territory</b> to join. Sean brought years of hardcore and death metal experience to the band, along with Eric Wagner (Gatecreeper) on bass to complete the lineup and solidify the sound of Languish. The group entered Homewrecker Studios soon after with producer <b>Ryan Bram (The Beautiful Ones, Sex Prisoner, Gatecreeper)</b> and the album found a home with Battleground Records and Crown and Throne LTD. Four years later Languish is back with a more mature record entitled Unworthy. This time with Bram joining on bass as a full-time member, along with handling all production duties on the record, with Wagner departing to focus on Gatecreeper. <b>Unworthy</b> is the first focused group effort from Languish, with all four members contributing on writing duties and spending more time in the studio polishing the record. Unworthy is a 15 track full-on aural assault on humanity, never letting up from start to finish.

Featured Tracks:

1. Raze
2. Nurv
3. Urges Fulfilled
4. Recommence
5. Malignancy
6. Goliath
7. Unworthy
8. Chopping Block
9. Unholy Land
10. Pawn of God
11. The Blinding Light of Purgatory
12. Hung and Butchered
13. Soft Will
14. Rake
15. Famine