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Universal Everything & You Limited 180gram Vinyl LP

by Simon Pyke

Release Date: 24 February 2014

Format: LP Vinyl

Label: Warp Records


Simon Pyke Universal Everything & You Limited 180gram Vinyl LP

· Warp Records are pleased to announce the release of
‘Universal Everything & You’, a 20 minute piece by Simon
Pyke (Freeform), built upon the soundtrack to the
exhibition Universal Everything & You, which has been
running at the Science Museum, London.
· Designed by Matt Pyke of Universal Everything, the release
consists of a deluxe one sided, screen-printed heavyweight
180g vinyl pressing featuring one of four randomly
available prints depicting images taken from the exhibition.
· Simon Pyke is a Brighton based musician and sound artist.
He’s previously released music through Warp and Skam
records and toured extensively with electronic musicians
including Autechre. Pyke has worked on a range of
commercial projects including rebrands for SkyTv, MTV,
and S4C Wales, and audio for the launch of the 2012
Olympics logo and MTV music video awards.
· Universal Everything are a UK based digital art and design
collective who work with a global network of designers,
artists, musicians, producers and programmers. Past
artworks have been exhibited at MOMA New York, V&A
London, Central Academy Of Fine Arts Beijing, Garage
Centre for Contemporary Culture Moscow, and La Gaite
Lyrique Paris.
· Warp have a long relationship with Simon and Matt Pyke,
having first released Simon’s music as Freeform 17 years
ago (‘Prowl’). Through designing this sleeve, Matt was
introduced to Warp and subsequently The Designers
Republic, for whom he went on to work. During this time,
and since launching Universal Everything, he has designed
many Warp record sleeves, plus the and original websites.
· Limited to 100 copies.

Featured Tracks:
Universal Everything & You