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Tubeway Army Limited Gatefold Vinyl LP

by Tubeway Army

Release Date: 21 March 2018

Format: LP Vinyl


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Tubeway Army Self Titled Limited Gatefold Vinyl LP


The self titled debut album by Tubeway Army originally released in 1978. Packaged in a gatefold sleeve using the original BLUE artwork for this remastered version. Remastered from the original tapes, the album features a picture label on the A side, with a heavyweight inner bag and the original sleeve printed on a heavyweight 350g double white heavy board. Numan was born Gary Anthony James Webb on March 8, 1958, in the West London section of Hammersmith. A shy child, music brought him out of his shell; he began playing guitar in his early teens and played in several short-lived bands. Inspired by the amateurism of the punk movement, he joined a punk group called the Lasers in 1976. The following year, he and bassist Paul Gardiner split off to form a new group, dubbed Tubeway Army, with drummer Bob Simmonds; they recorded a couple of singles under futuristic pseudonyms (Valerium [or Valerian], Scarlett, and Rael, respectively) that attempted to match their new interest in synthesizers. Scrapping that idea, Webb rechristened himself Gary Numan and replaced Simmonds with his uncle Jess Lidyard. Thus constituted, Tubeway Army cut a set of punk-meets-Kraftwerk demos for Beggars Banquet in early 1978, which were released several years later as "The Plan." That summer, Numan sang a TV commercial jingle for jeans, and toward the end of the year the group's debut album, "Tubeway Army", appeared. Chiefly influenced by Kraftwerk and David Bowie's Berlin-era collaborations with Brian Eno, the album also displayed Numan's fascination with the electronic, experimental side of glam, as well as science fiction writer Philip K. Dick. The group's second album, "Replicas", credited to Gary Numan & Tubeway Army, was released in early 1979. Its accompanying single, "Are 'Friends' Electric?" was a left-field smash, topping the U.K. charts and sending Replicas to number one on the album listings as well. Numan had become a star overnight, despite critical distaste for any music so heavily reliant on synthesizers, and he formed a larger backing band that replaced Tubeway Army, keeping Gardiner on bass. The follow up album "The Pleasure Principle" continued his meteoric rise and paved the way for huge success internationally. The single 'Cars' reaching the Top 10 in USA, a track that still stands as one of the defining 'new wave' songs of our time.

Featured Tracks:
1. Steel And You
2. My Love Is A Liquid
3. Are You Real?
4. The Dream Police
5. Jo The Waiter
6. Zero Bars (Mr Smith)