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Tormato Limited 180gram Audiophile LP

by YES

Release Date: 25 March 2013

Format: LP Vinyl

Label: FridayMusic


Yes Tormato Limited 180gram Audiophile LP

Yes' 1978 masterpiece Tormato

180-gram high grade audiophile vinyl, mastered from the original Atlantic Records tapes by Joe Reagoso

Housed in a beautiful first time gatefold cover and includes the original stunning artwork by Hipgnosis, featuring the lyrics and more stunning art on the inside gatefold.

After several whirlwind tours to celebrate their amazing successful run with albums like Close To The Edge and Tales From Topographic Oceans, the legendary Yes took some time off to record several solo projects and soon got back to the studio and worked on the amazing 1978 prog-rock masterwork Tormato.

With an ever interesting line-up of world class musicianship, this highly regarded dream team for Tormato consisted of Jon Anderson (vocals), Chris Squire (bass/vocals), Steve Howe (guitars/vocals), Alan White on drums and reuniting once again with keyboardist Rick Wakeman, Tormato truly stands as absolutely one of the most intriguing albums of their mega successful career.

Often considered one of the finest recordings in their amazing catalog, Yes fans continue to praise Tormato as a truly inspiring masterwork. This important piece of music consists of nine amazing Yes workouts such as the definitive side one opener "Future Times," the art rock driven "Circus Of Heaven," and of course the international smash hit "Don't Kill The Whale."

Yes enthusiasts were superlatively rewarded with even more progressive rock favorites as the brilliant acoustic driven balladry of Chris Squire's "Onward," Jon Anderson and Rick Wakeman's superb centerpiece "Madrigal" and the hard rocking "On The Silent Wings Of Freedom" truly made Tormato one of the finest albums of the classic rock era.

Featured Tracks
Side 1
Future Times
Donít Kill the Whale
Release, Release
Side 2
Arriving Ufo
Circus of Heaven
On the Silent Wings of Freedom

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