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Time Limited Vinyl LP

by Hold Close

Release Date: 18 January 2019

Format: LP Vinyl

Label: Hopeless


Hold Close Time Limited Vinyl LP


Missouri emo rockers Hold Close are here with their debut full-length Time. Building on their success on their previous two EPs (I'll Never Go Back / I Was Never Meant To Stay) on Hopeless Records, the band use Time to explore topics such as love, loss and, of course, the passing of time. Coming off of successful tours with Forever Came Calling, PVMNTS and WSTR, they are ready to show off their music and their message.

Featured Tracks:

1. Time
2. Hang Tight
3. Breath
4. Cast Me Away
5. Who Will?
6. Tropical Depression
7. Here Again
8. Absent to Reality
9. Cloud9
10. Aura
11. Separation