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Through The Hill Limited Vinyl 2LP Set

by Andy Partridge & Harold Budd

Release Date: 25 November 2013

Format: LP Double Vinyl

Label: All Saints Records


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Andy Partridge & Harold Budd Through The Hill Limited Vinyl 2LP Set

· 1994 collaboration between Harold Budd and eccentric English pop genius Andy Partridge of XTC.
· Atmospheric instrumentals, off-kilter melodies and
beguiling song poems. Some of the strangest and loveliest music either artist has recorded.
· Gatefold double LP, featuring two bonus tracks not on the original release, plus digital download card.

Featured Tracks:
Hand 19
Through The Hill
Great Valley Of Gongs
Western Island Of Apples
Anima Mundi
Hand 20
The Place Of Odd Glances
Well For The Sweat Of The Moon
Tenochititlan’s Numberless Bridges
Ceramic Avenue
Hand 21
Missing Pieces Of The Game Of Salt And Onyx
Mantles Of Peacock Bones
Bronze Coins Showing Genitals
Bearded Aphrodite
Hand 22