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The World Of Tom Jones Limited 180gram Vinyl LP

by Tom Jones

Release Date: 17 January 2020

Format: LP Vinyl

Label: Decca


Tom Jones The World Of Tom Jones Limited 180gram Vinyl LP


In the late 1960 s, Decca was playing to its strengths mass marketing classical and easy listening recordings just as it had been doing since the late 1920 s In April of 1968 Decca entered into a venture that would see its repertoire prominently displayed by non specialist retailers, and after much resistance, it moved into the world of budget releases, with the beginning of its much loved ‘The World Of’ series in 1968 The first album set out the series’ stall perfectly, focusing on one of the label’s biggest selling artists The World of Mantovani was a fourteen track collection derived from the conductor’s sizeable catalogue on Decca.
The World Of series acted as perfect primers, and the price put it at almost half the price of full price albums Its whole r aison d’être was to drive sales of the artist’s repertoire inviting consumers to dip in here and discover more while the rear sleeve clearly offered the catalogue numbers of the parent albums Later, the World Of ’s would also become treasure troves for rarities and one offs
the series stayed in the ‘ territory and by the end of 69 54 titles were available Unsurprisingly, given the label’s heritage, classical repertoire would also become a mainstay The first classical LP was one of the early issues The World of Johann Strauss The series treated classical music much like pop compiling the most popular pieces and presenting them across two sides foreshadowing today’s ubiquitous ‘Best Of’ playlists The series would run throughout the 1970 s and become synonymous with the label It was taken so seriously that David Bowie himself offered the track listing for his own addition to the series

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