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The Witch Limited Gatefold Heavyweight Vinyl 2LP Set

by Pumarosa

Release Date: 19 May 2017

Format: LP Double Vinyl

Label: Fiction


Pumarosa The Witch Limited Gatefold Heavyweight Vinyl 2LP Set

Isabel and Nicholas started the band by chance. A friend was eager to start a new music project and invited the two to come and play, but said friend never showed up. Instead, the pair were left to lay the foundations of what would become Pumarosa, and they then sought “serious” musicians, people willing to give up everything for music. “’Oh you’ve got a full-time job? Sorry, we’re not interested!’” Nicholas jokes. They wanted to make a “solid band”, Isabel says. “You’d usually get a group together and then people’s lives would get in the way.” But from the beginning, the stars aligned and everyone in Pumarosa was ready to commit.
The album is set to encompass the journey Pumarosa have taken so far. From stuffy practice rooms to disused cinemas, right through to every stage they’ve graced in the past year, there’s been a learning process, and that will in part inform an eventual full-length. “None of us having made an album before - that’s years of condensed experience,” says Nicholas. These songs have always been alive, in a way. Instead of being written, recorded and put to bed, they’ve re-developed, changing in scope as the band have progressed. “A long period of life has gone into these songs,” Isabel explains.

Isabel Munoz-Newsome – Vocals and Guitar
Nicholas Owen – Drums
John Tomoya Forster – Synths and Saxophone
James Neville – Guitar
Henry Brown - Bass

Featured Tracks:
The Witch

Lions' Den

My Gruesome Loving Friend


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