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The Town Limited Red Vinyl LP

by OST

Release Date: 13 July 2018

Format: LP Vinyl

Label: Silva Screen Records

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OST The Town Limited Red Vinyl LP

British composer Harry Gregson-Williams reunited once more with Ben Affleck, after scoring his directorial debut in the Oscar nominated Gone Baby Gone, and teamed up with David Buckley to write this eclectic score to the 2010 film The Town, a fast-moving crime thriller set in Boston and starring John (Mad Men) Hamm. From pensive piano solos and mournful strings to full blown electronic storms, The Town demonstrates Harry Gregson-Williamsís distinctive musical language.

Having scored all Tony Scottís films since the 1998 Enemy of the State, Harry Gregson-Williams is considered one of the pioneers in combining electronic music textures and orchestral elements in film scores. His career in film music was fully launched after working with Hans Zimmer on Crimson Tide and becoming a regular collaborator. He has since scored the music for Shrek, Man On Fire, Team America: World Police, Kingdom Of Heaven, The Chronicles Of Narnia and Prince Of Persia: The Sands Of Time. David Buckley, who scored this yearís John Travolta thriller From Paris With Love, has been a frequent collaborator with Gregson-Williams in the past few years.

Featured Tracks:
A1 Charlestown 2:18
A2 Bank Attack 3:38
A3 Doug Reflects 1:53
A4 FBI Show & Tell 1:48
A5 OxyContin 2:08
A6 Healing And Stealing 3:12
A7 Nuns With Guns 3:40
A8 The Necklace 2:19

B1 The Wreath 1:24
B2 Cathedral of Boston 2:28
B3 Fenway 3:09
B4 Who Called 911? 3:07
B5 Making The Switch 2:39
B6 Sunny Days 2:27
B7 Leaving 2:54
B8 The Letter 2:47

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