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The Stolen Cello Limited Vinyl LP

by Redi Hasa

Release Date: 11 September 2020

Format: LP Vinyl

Label: Decca Classics


Redi Hasa The Stolen Cello Limited Vinyl LP


Born in Albania to a musical family, Redi Hasa was taught to play the cello by his mother. During
the political unrest of 1997, he took a boat to Italy to find his brother. After years of training,
honing his unique sound, and learning to mix musical genres, Ludovico Einaudi made him part
of his ensemble. He has recorded two albums and toured the world with Einaudi.
Now, Ponderosa Music Records and Akifilm are making a docufilm about his life. This is the album.

Featured Tracks:

1. Dajti Mountain (The name of the Mountain behind Tirana)
2. Lule Qerchie (Cherry Flowers)
3. Dallga (Wave)
4. Topi Me Çorape (Little Street Football Made Of Socks)
5. Stinët Që Kalojnë (Seasons going by)
6. Ikja e Vjeshtës 1990 (1990 Autumn Escape)
7. Bora (The Snow)
8. Rrugët Që Prisnin Hijet (Shadows Drown On The Streets)
9. Heshtja e Malit (The Silence Of The Trail
10. Time
11. Flutur (Butterfly)
12. Lutja e Hënës (The Prayer of the