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The Resurrection Limited 180gram Heavyweight Vinyl LP

by Bugzy Malone

Release Date: 07 May 2021

Format: LP Vinyl

Label: B.Somebody


Bugzy Malone The Resurrection Limited 180gram Heavyweight Vinyl LP


On Jan 22nd 2021, Buzgy Malone releases his fifth full length project, ‘The Resurrection’. This body of work is full of hard-won wisdom and undiluted street delivery on an elevated level that sees Bugzy produce his most accomplished work to date. The tracks weave social commentary and personal experience which produces something complex but powerful.

The album is launched with the single Don’t Cry’ ft. Dermot Kennedy. This is an anthem that journey’s Bugzy’s near fatal accident in March, depicting the mental and physical journey Buzgy went through whilst on the ground following the crash. In true King of the North fashion, Bugzy delivers technically perfect verses and showcases the incredible lyrical ability that everyone has come to love of him. This is balanced by Dermot Kennedy’s powerful and gritty chorus

‘Don’t Cry’ ft. Dermot Kennedy follows on from recent release ‘Doe’d Up’ and M.E.N III, the third instalment of ‘of his legendary M.E.N series which debuted at #18 in the singles chart, giving Bugzy his highest single chart position to date.

Featured Tracks:


1. Track 1
2. M.E.N III
3. Don’t Cry Ft Dermot Kennedy
4. Doe’d Up
5. Track 5
6. Track 6


1. Track 7
2. Track 8
3. Track 9
4. Track 10
5. Track 11
6. Track 12
7. Track 13