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The Massacre Limited Special Edition Gatefold Black Vinyl 2LP Set


Release Date: 17 March 2014

Format: LP Double Vinyl

Label: Nuclear Blast


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The Exploited The Massacre Limited Special Edition Gatefold Black Vinyl 2LP Set

· Spawned in the Scottish town of Edinburgh in 1980, The Exploited were created as answer to the ever-present ‘No Future’ attitude of the time.
Gathering ex-squaddie Wattie Buchan (vocals), Big John Duncan (guitar), Dru Stix (drums) and Gary McCormack (bass), The Exploited have been a raw and rough outlet right from the start, not diluting their music for public consumption. The Exploited were punk rock.
· The Exploited released their debut attempt, ‘Punk’s Not Dead’, in 1981 on the Secret label, which was more of a rallying battle cry than just a record.
The title became somewhat of a self-fulfilling prophecy, charting at Number 1 as the Independent Album Of The Year, reaching Number 20 in the national Charts and selling 150,000 copies.
· The summer of 1981 saw the UK going up in flames; real anarchy as town after town exploded. A perfect time for The Exploited to co-headline the legendary Apocalypse Now tour with fellow punk giants Discharge. The sold out London show (at the Lyceum Ballroom) took place just one day after the
Brixton riots. By October the exploited hit the single charts with the violently evocative ‘Dead Cities’, leading to arguably the most ferocious performance ever seen on Top Of The Pops, bringing with it numerous complaints and
another massive UK tour.
· 1982 saw the release of The Exploited’s classic album ‘Troops Of Tomorrow’ (Number 17 in the charts).
· Throughout the years The Exploited remained true to their roots, never selling out, never splitting up - despite countless line up changes - and never bowing down.
· Released in 1990 through Rough Justice, ‘The Massacre’ would become The Exploited’s most successful record so far. Written and produced by Wattie, the record takes off with an intro taken from the movie ‘Faces Of Death’. ‘The Massacre’ sees the band move towards a more crossover thrash style.
· Gatefold 140g black double vinyl LP

Featured Tracks:
1. The Massacre
2. Sick Bastard
3. Porno Slut
4. Now I'm Dead
5. Boys In Blue
6. Dog Soldier
7. Don't Pay The Poll Tax
8. Fuck Religion
9. About To Die
10. Blown Out Of The Sky
11. Police Shit
12. Stop The Slaughter
13. Barry Prossit
14. Don't Really Care
15. Power Struggle
16. Scaling The Derry Wall