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The Impossible Kid Limited Green/Pink Vinyl 2LP Set + Download


Release Date: 29 April 2016

Format: LP Double Vinyl

Label: Rhymesayers


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AESOP ROCK The Impossible Kid Limited Green/Pink Vinyl 2LP Set + Download

Indie-rap mainstay Aesop Rock’s new album, The Impossible Kid, marks his first solo venture since 2012’s Skelethon. On the new album, Aesop continues finding new ways to improve on the skills that have made him one of the kings of indie hip-hop. His creative process now includes a newfound willingness to open up about his personal life, going deep on topics like depression, his sometimes rocky relationship with his family, and the turbulent handful of years that culminated in Aesop leaving his adopted home of San Francisco to live in a barn out in the woods, where he recorded the foundations of The Impossible Kid. There’s also moments of levity though, as Aesop taps into the funny side of his persona that he suppressed during the period where being taken as a serious lyricist was more of a priority. Like Skelethon, Aesop exercised complete creative control over every aspect of the album, from the production (which he handled himself, with instrumental help from Philly’s Grimace Foundation) to conceptualizing the cover art by his friend Alex Pardee.

Featured Tracks:
Side 1
1. Mystery Fish Aesop Rock
2. Rings Aesop Rock
3. Lotta Years Aesop Rock
4. Dorks Aesop Rock

Side 2
1. Rabies Aesop Rock
2. Supercell Aesop Rock
3. Blood Sandwich Aesop Rock
4. Get Out of the Car Aesop Rock

Side 1
1. Shrunk Aesop Rock
2. Kirby Aesop Rock
3. TUFF Aesop Rock
4. Lazy Eye Aesop Rock

Side 2
1. Defender Aesop Rock
2. Water Tower Aesop Rock
3. Molecules Aesop Rock