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The Ferryman's End Limited Vinyl LP


Release Date: 25 March 2016

Format: LP Vinyl

Label: Listenable


IZEGRIM The Ferryman's End Limited Vinyl LP

Dutch killing machine IZEGRIM’S new album "The Ferryman's end" is the logical follow-up to 2013’s very successful "Congress of the Insane" which drew a positively roaring press response in all major magazines worldwide, AARDSCHOK expressed “top notch band from Europe !!” Many bands are said not being able to top their earlier albums, "THE FERRYMAN'S END" proves that wrong in a very brutal manner, taking the catchy components of what made the band so successfully murderous on record as well as in the live environment and developing them further into extremely punishing barbarity.

Featured Tracks:
1. White Walls
2. Time To Run
3. Endless Desire
4. The Evil Within
5. Absolute Necessity
6. Reclaim My Identity
7. Insanity Is Freedom
8. Reflection Of Redemption
9. Through A Glass Darkly
10. Lost In Tranquillity

11. The Ferryman's End