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‘The Best (Of)’ Limited Edition Gatefold 4LP Set

by GammaRay

Release Date: 02 February 2015

Format: LP Four Vinyl

Label: Integrity Music


GammaRay ‘The Best (Of)’ Limited Edition Gatefold 4LP Set

With their latest studio work “Empire Of The Undead”, Kai Hansen (Voice/Lead Guitar), Dirk Schlächter (Bass), Henjo Richter (Lead Guitar/Keyboards) and Michael Ehre (Drums) had the task to follow up one of their most successful albums “To The Metal!” which brought them back to the highest charts positions in many territories.
Now, almost one year has passed since “Empire Of The Undead” was released and after 11 studio albums in their 25-yearcareer, GammaRay are ready to get their first selection of their best and most representative songs in one album out in the stores. The record features mostly two songs of each of their albums to give metal fans and those to be a real cross-section of their extensive work sofar - this adds up to a variety of 28 songs, all re-mastered by Eike Freese (i.a. Deep Purple). Liner notes by Kai Hansen himself to each song are included and give a deep insight into the work of this exceptional talent.
It will be released on vinyl and available as a 4 vinyl

Featured Tracks:
1. To The Metal
2. Heaven Can Wait
3. Hellbent
4. Heading For Tomorrow
5. Dream Healer
6. No Return
7. Land Of The Free
8. Somewhere Out In Space
9. Armageddon
10. Rebellion in Dreamland
11. Hell Is Thy Throne
12. Induction
13. Dethrone Tyranny
14. Real World
15. Avalon
16. Empathy
17. Man On A Mission
18. The Spirit
19. Tribute To The Past
20. Valley Of The Kings
21. Send Me A Sign
22. Lust For Live
23. Brothers
24. Blood Religion
25. Eagle
26. Insurrection
27. Master Of Confusion
28. Time To Break Free