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Temperature Rising Limited Vinyl LP

by Danny Bryant

Release Date: 01 September 2014

Format: LP Vinyl

Label: Jazzhaus


Danny Bryant Temperature Rising Limited Vinyl LP

If Danny's previous album 'Hurricane' was notable for pairing Danny Bryant's best ever songs with Richard Hammerton's expansive production, then 'Temperature Rising' is the closest he's come to nailing a defining blues rock recording.
Recorded in little over 2 weeks in April of this year and drawing on songs that Danny wrote on the road during 2013, 'Temperature Rising' is an album full of his wailing signature guitar with deeply wrought intensity and heartfelt ballads. It's an album by an artist with over 14 years touring behind him and enough personal experiences to transpose them effortlessly into songs."Richard Hammerton and I met up three or four times in the lead-up to the recording," says Bryant. "We did some pre production and cut some demos together. We looked at the arrangements etc and pushed ideas back and forth. I love working with Richard, the moment he hears even a snippet of a raw demo, it's almost as if he can see the whole song there and then in completed fashion.”
The young guitar protégé has grown up. Danny's nascent maturity is evidenced in the way he builds his musical vision with broad-brush strokes, without losing any of his essential fire. He was always destined to be a road hardened blues-rock warrior, since being mentored by Walter Trout and touring Europe in the company of Mick Taylor, Santana Buddy Guy etc., before signing with Rounder records. And while each album has been like a chapter in an Photo by Kevin Nixon ever-evolving story, it's since signing with the Jazzhaus label that he's enjoyed the kind of backing and focus needed to match his unquenchable thirst for blues-rock.
The opening track 'Best Of Me' is notable for the organ layered, stuttering rhythm, an expansive wah-wah break and an echo tinged tough vocal. The sledgehammer blues-rock of 'Take Me Higher' pushes Danny's into Zeppelin territory with big drums, another tough vocal and a perfunctory cutting edge ending, while the later high octane 'Mystery' sounds like a fun, 'live in the studio' splurge, on a piano-led, guitar driven wig out.
"I Know it's a common cliché but I truly believe this is my best ever work. I am more proud of this record than anything I have ever done. I invested more emotion, blood, sweat and tears on this project then ever before." – Danny Bryant

Featured Tracks:
Disc: 1
1. Best Of Me
2. Take Me Higher
3. Nothing At All
4. Together Trough Life
5. Razor Sharp

Disc: 2
1. Temperature Rising
2. Time
3. Mystery
4. Guntown