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Tales of America Limited Vinyl LP

by J.S. Ondara

Release Date: 15 February 2019

Format: LP Vinyl

Label: Verve


J.S. Ondara Tales of America Limited Vinyl LP


J.S. Ondara is a singer-songwriter based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He was born and raised in Nairobi the capital of Kenya but moved to Minneapolis to pursue a career in music. When moving to the United States, Ondara chose Minnesota largely due to his adoration of native Bob Dylan. From a stockpile he says is hundreds of songs deep, Ondara chose 11 for Tales of America. They’re captivating tunes built around acoustic guitars and adorned with subtle full-band accompaniment for an openhearted folk-rock feel. He sings in a strong, tuneful voice well-suited to the gorgeous melancholy he expresses on the wistfully lovelorn “Torch Song,” or his steadfast infatuation on “Television Girl.” Ondara sings rueful lyrics in an anguished tone on “Saying Goodbye,” and leaves plenty of room for interpretation on “American Dream,” the first single. Other songwriters who have had great influence on him are Neil Young, Ray Lamontagne, Noah Gundersen, and Damien Rice. This record is a documentation of my time in America; a deliberation on the times and a search for wisdom and the American Dream. “...yet another example of J.S. Ondara’s knack for making powerful, gripping music that has an old soul but doesn’t sound outdated.” - Brooklyn Vegan. His debut album, Tales of America, is an examination of the American Dream from an outsider’s perspective; an introspection on a universal matter. 

Featured Tracks:

1. American Dream
2. Torch Song
3. Saying Goodbye
4. Days Of Insanity
5. Television Girl
6. Turkish Bandana
7. Lebanon
8. Good Question
9. Master O'connor
10. Give Me A Moment
11. God Bless America

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