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Synesthetica Limited Vinyl LP


Release Date: 12 February 2016

Format: LP Vinyl



RADIATION CITY Synesthetica Limited Vinyl LP

Radiation City was not going to polish up its old style for Synesthetica; it was going to completely overhaul both its process and its sound. After recording with John Vanderslice (Spoon, Death Cab For Cutie) at Tiny Telephone Studios, the band took its new directive back to Portland and turned to Jeremy Sherrer (Modest Mouse, Gossip) at Ice Cream Party to flesh out its studio sessions. Synesthetica almost killed this band, but instead, it serves as the opening salvo of a monumental second act, and Radiation City is invincible.

Featured Tracks:
1. Oil Show Radiation City
2. Juicy Radiation City
3. Butter Radiation City
4. Come And Go Radiation City
5. Milky White Radiation City
6. Sugar Broom Radiation City
7. Separate Radiation City
8. Futures Radiation City
9. Fancy Cherries Radiation City