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Supertonic: The Remixes CD Album

by Diana Ross

Release Date: 24 July 2020

Format: CD Album

Label: UMC/Island


Diana Ross Supertonic: The Remixes CD Album


Supertonic is a special kind of Diana Ross magic. Absolutely authentic, it’s her voice, her electrifying sound. This music has no boundaries, blending the past and the now in this new collection. On June 26, the CD release of Supertonic, featuring new remixes of nine classics, will be released by UMC. Supertonic is produced by Diana Ross with remixes by producer Eric Kupper. Executive Remix Production & Marketing By Brad LaBeau Co + Peter Nelson for Pro-Motion. All remixes are created from the original multi-tracks of the masters taken from the Motown vaults.

Featured Tracks:

1. I’m Coming Out / Upside Down
2. Love Hangover
3. The Boss
4. Surrender
5. Ain’t No Mountain High Enough
6. No One Gets The Prize
7. It’s My House
8. Touch Me in the Morning
9. Remember Me