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Strange Time To Be Alive Limited Vinyl LP

by Early James

Release Date: 19 August 2022

Format: LP Vinyl

Label: Concord


Early James Strange Time To Be Alive Limited Vinyl LP


Alabama's native son Early James' debut album 'Strange Time To Be Alive', released in July 2022. The lyrical wordsmith conjures the ghosts of great southern gothic writers from Eudora Welty to William Faulkner, while channeling the haunted spirits of Tom Waits and Townes Van Zandt. The album evokes a timeless amalgam of forsaken blues, wistful folk, and Tin Pan Alley crooning, anchored by the singer's unmistakable voice that sways from gravel-filled shouts to pained, forlorn whispers - and songs that tread in the waters of darkly themed broken hearts, with the wry humor of the sad clown.

Featured Tracks:

1 Racing Through a Red Light
2 Straightjacket for Two
3 My Sweet Camelia
4 Pigsty
5 What a Strange Time to Be Alive
6 Real Low Down Lonesome (Feat. Sierra Farrell)
7 Harder to Blame
8 If Heaven Is a Hotel
9 Splenda Daddy
10 Dance in the Fire
11 Wasted and Wanting
12 Something for Nothing

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