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Spectrum Limited Vinyl LP

by Vision String Quartet

Release Date: 12 November 2021

Format: LP Vinyl

Label: Warner Classics


Vision String Quartet Spectrum Limited Vinyl LP


The new album "Spectrum" by the vision string quartet presents 13 songs composed, arranged and produced by the four young musicians from Berlin themselves. Inspired by folk, pop, rock, funk, minimal and singer-songwriter music, Jakob Encke (violin), Daniel Stoll (violin), Sander Stuart (viola) and Leonard Disselhorst (cello) have embarked on a journey to their very own sound and genre. The result is an unprecedented musical adventure without borders, shaped by personal experiences, new and old encounters as well as subtle impressions from various cultures. They create a whole world of sounds with just their four string instruments – from guitar, ukulele and bass to bongos or a complete drum set.

Featured Tracks:

1. Sailor
2. Willi's Farewell
3. Copenhagen
4. Travellers
5. Paraglider
6. The Shoemaker
7. Fjordeby
8. Plunk Ballad
9. Liquorice
10. Samba
11. Alternative Endings
12. Hailstones
13. Run to You