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Songs For The Canyon Limited Vinyl LP

by John Vincent III

Release Date: 17 November 2023

Format: LP Vinyl

Label: Concord


John Vincent III Songs For The Canyon Limited Vinyl LP


John Vincent III, a 26-year-old Americana artist, intensified his love of music in Houston, TX in 2014. Gaining inspiration from unique lyricists such as Bon Iver, The Districts, and The Doors, John Vincent III began the process of his own song creation. John Vincent III effortlessly blends folky, rhythmic guitar with soulful, vulnerable lyricism to create the perfect Indie- Folk-Pop blend. John has written and produced his singles, EP, and his critically acclaimed album “Songs from the Valley”. A large part of John’s musical success came from the undeniable passion and raw personal experiences that lived inside of him. John Vincent is excited to show the world what he has been up to over the last few years with what will be a memorable return to music.

Featured Tracks:

1. Highway Woman

2. Lincoln Nebraska

3. Dandelion

4. Bluebird

5. When She Leaves

6. Juniper And Yellow

7. I Lit A Fire

8. That’s Just The Way It Is Babe

9. More Than Alive

10. On And On

11. Rolling Stone

12. Money And My Pride