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Slow Vessels Limited Vinyl LP

by Ian William Craig

Release Date: 05 May 2017

Format: LP Vinyl

Label: 130701


Ian William Craig Slow Vessels Limited Vinyl LP

Following the widespread critical acclaim of his recent 'Centres' album (July 2016), Vancouver-based vocalist / composer Ian William Craig returns with 'Slow Vessels', an album-length EP release which both extends and radically reprises that album, rendering six of its tracks in a stunning new light. If not quite an 'unplugged' versioning, it is nevertheless stripped back, raw and predominantly acoustic, the songs returned to their point of origin. 'Slow Vessels' sees Ian paring back the dense, billowing layers and heavily distressed textures of the album and re-playing these tracks on a borrowed acoustic guitar and piano. Whilst four of the tracks also feature some more minimal tape manipulation, it's a move that foregrounds the strength of the songs, imbuing them with a heightened sense of nearness and intimacy and briefly reframing their author in the more traditional mantle of singer-songwriter. Deeply affecting and almost devotional in character, this utterly gorgeous re-setting of the songs sees them bathed in a warm, golden glow and throws a brilliant new slant on Ian's prodigious creativity.

Featured Tracks:
1. Arrive, Arrive
2. The Nearness
3. A Single Hope
4. Purpose (Is No Country)
5. Contain
6. Set To Lapse

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