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Sleeptalk Limited Blue Vinyl LP

by Dayseeker

Release Date: 27 September 2019

Format: LP Vinyl

Label: Spinefarm Records


Dayseeker Sleeptalk Limited Blue Vinyl LP


Casting off the conventions of the post-hardcore genre, Dayseeker offers up their expansive fourth LP, Sleeptalk. After several years of hard-nosed touring throughout North America and Europe (including impressive showings on the final cross-country Vans Warped Tour) the Southern California natives returned to home and establish their new sound in familiar territory. Entering the studio with budding producer and close personal friend, Daniel Braunstein, the band embraces a uniquely Los Angeles sound - showcasing decades of influence all wrapped within the band’s core identity. From opening track to closing note, it’s clear that the band has discarded what may have been expected and instead chosen to embrace something most artists struggle to ever find: themselves.

Sleeptalk exhibits a new sense of depth for the band, as noted by Rory Rodriguez, singer and lyricist, “We really tried to tackle topics that we’ve never touched on before… proving that we’re much more than a 'hardcore' band in this scene.” Opening with “Drunk” the band’s confidence is immediately evident, seamlessly integrating traditional instruments (guitar, drums, bass) with electronic samples, suggesting the band’s expanding musical palette. Long-time listeners should recognize the intricate riffs of Gino Samguelli, guitarist, who continues to showcase his signature aggression on tracks like “Crooked Soul” and “Gates of Ivory”, while finding core musical maturation in the band’s sheer range: especially in the anthemic track song, Sleeptalk, with an ear-worm chorus that impresses at first listen, while begging for further attention.

With notable growth as a lyricist, Rodriguez employs his familiar angst-driven lyrical style, but frames this with more vivid story-telling and increasingly memorable hooks. The result is a product that almost tether the listener to the songs, daring them to dig into the record’s deeper cuts where the band’s maturation becomes all the more evident in tracks like “Already Numb” and the gutting album closer, “Crash and Burn”. No longer feeling confined to a particular genre, the band, in collaboration, allows their pop sensibilities to take center stage at times, even spanning decades: "We let a lot of 80’s influence show through” says Rodriguez, citing a variety of artists, including nostalgia-fueled contemporaries, The Midnight. This may be most evident in the standout single, and title-track of the same name, where arpeggiated synths bookend the up-beat track, with a memorable chorus that could easily be consumed by the masses, despite a mournful, confessional approach to the lyrics that almost demand a deeper dive. And that is the charm of Sleeptalk - a depth that hides in plain sight.

Sleeptalk releases worldwide through Spinefarm Records on September 27 where listeners will have a rare opportunity to enjoy the efforts of a band who has done away with the rules and instead written their own story.

Featured Tracks:

1. Drunk
2. Crooked Soul
3. Burial Plot
4. Sleeptalk
5. The Embers Glow
6. The Color Black
7. Already Numb
8. Gates Of Ivory
9. Starving to Be Empty
10. Crash and Burn